Hey, I’m Sophie and I am a multidisciplinary artist that is currently based out of New Orleans that works with oils, charcoal, digital and film photography.

I grew up with an artist as a mother and at an early age I was intrigued by the magic of a pencil and a paper. I’ve drawn all my life, I’ve created all my life.
It was at the age of sixteen when I found my first SLR in an antique shop that my interests expanded to photography and after my first roll of film I fell in love.

Photography opened up a whole new world to my artistry. My understanding of light, form, color, and composition grow on a daily basis.

With a background in photojournalism, studio photography, product photography, and visual art I approach my work as an artist with a love for color, composition, and genuine candid moments.

Taking a step away from the technical side of things, it was nine years ago that I met my best friend and it was nine years ago that I experienced the transformative power of love. The kind of love that says, “if you spit on me, I’ll bake you a cake”, the kind of love that endures from thousands of miles, the kind of love that lets you know you. are. enough. The love that fills you up from head to toe, that reminds you how bold and beautiful you are – and just how much love you have to offer this world. This is the love I hold onto every day, that I practice every day.

I love couples who bring out the best in one another, who believe in being best friends with one another, who feel at home with one another.

 What I love
Talking about Love
Small backyard weddings
Ollie Alexander
Intimate Weddings
Beautiful Architecture
The Color Yellow
People who laugh
Soul Mates
Optimistic humans
Road Trips
Jasmin Honegger
My little Sisters (Bella and Josie)
The Marimba
Rainy Days
Frank Sinatra
Old Homes
Being in Nature
Dogs Art History

What I don’t Love

Touchy Feely Guests
Overcooked Salmon
Giant wedding parties
Goat Cheese
Third party communication
Fountain Photos
Uninvolved Significant Others
Rude planners
Huge Weddings

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