Reading your vows to one another as you laugh and cry over the memories you’ve shared throughout the years.
Laughing with your closest friends over jokes only they would get.
Dancing in the streets as the second line plays alongside the people you love most.
Tears of joy rolling down your cheeks as you embark on your biggest adventure yet.

These are the moments that matter.

Hey! I'm Sophie and I'm a wedding photographer based in New Orleans.

I like to think I approach weddings a bit differently than your average wedding photographer.
For starters, I care about knowing who you are, what you like to do in your free time, what excites you, what brings you to life.

While I do love a stunning cinematic portrait when the opportunity shows itself, I find a lot of value in the smaller moments that unfold throughout the day.
The moments where you're surrounded by the people who raised you all your life, who watch you as you finish getting dressed, filled with emotion and so proud of the person you've become.
I value the moments of intimacy between you and your partner, of you guys giggling over just how snazzy you both look and how surreal it all seems that you're finally embarking on this crazy adventure together.
I value the little things in life that show just how much you are loved because I truly do believe that love is a verb.
And when you believe that love is a verb you show that to the people you care about, you invest yourself, your time, your life to remind people time and time again how precious these little moments are.

Wedding photography is more than looking perfect in every photo, it's about documenting the love that is present, that can't be replicated.

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