Danie + Johnathon

It was a beautiful morning as we made our way into the deep fog along the river, Johnathon laughed and mentioned how it feels almost unnatural to wake before the sun, but I think we all agreed it was worth it.

I met Danie and Johnathon few months ago for some drinks at the Ace where we talked about their wedding and what they were looking for out of a photographer. It was during this meeting that turned into a three hour hang out session where I learned that they too are artists, of the performing nature, which became much more apparent during this 6:30 am session and where they both decided to plie after I asked them stand 20 feet apart and then re-enact that one scene from Dirty Dancing.

Danie laughed out loud at this because she was about to suggest it herself!

Photographing Danie and Johnathon was so natural, I could feel their comfort and friendship from the beginning. As though they were really just two best friends who found home in one another. How this always seems to be the recurring theme of love..home, comfortability, the courage to be our true selves.

I feel so grateful for the couples I get to document, constantly reminding me of all of the beautiful facets of love.