Dom + Tray

They say the best way to get to know someone is to ride in a car with them for an extended period of time – and without fully realizing it, Dominique, Tray and I did just that. It only took a few minutes after getting in the car for conversation to get real – I mean, real, real, the kind of real where you’re like, “holy wow, did we just become best friends?”

We talked about how they met and the friendship that brought them to the current car ride that was en route to their engagement session. I learned that their relationship, too, was not perfect, and that somewhere in the middle of it all was a time of uncertainty where they decided that it was maybe best that they stick to being good friends.

I personally found this part of their story the most interesting, especially because society fills our head with these ideal love stories from an early age. You know, the ones that tell us if it isn’t love at first sight it doesn’t count. The ones that tell little girls if there is any uncertainty he’s not the one for you. No one ever tells us that uncertainty is ok, that uncertainty leaves room for growth and union and time to become certain. Heck, uncertainty probably consumes more than half of my life, and I’m learning that that is ok – Dominique and Tray’s story is a further testament that uncertainty is ok. So I just wanted to share with you too, in case you don’t know yet, that uncertainty is ok.

There will be a time when you are certain, and like Tray, you will be ready for it when it comes.

Which for Tray was just a couple of months after their split. And so Tray flew Dominique to Paris (I know, how grand) to photograph one of his family members surprise proposal (because him and Dominique were at the root of it all still good friends) – and there he asked her to be his girlfriend for the second and last time. She only had to say yes once more after that and that was to him asking her to be his wife.

All of that to say, I felt pretty darn honored to be the girl to photograph their engagement session and to gain two incredible humans as my friends in the process.

Our day at the beach was nothing short of incredible. I’d like to say we all learned a lot about each other and Dom and Tray got to share their favorite memories with each other (which is actually a pretty hilarious one that Tray was skeptical to share but I’m so glad he did – I won’t share it, but you’ll know the photo when you see it).

I think the best sessions are those that allow growth and answer questions you didn’t even know you had.

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