It’s been a little over a year since I’ve moved to New Orleans and I’m still excited by all of the places I have yet to explore. Before I moved here I was so amazed by the way the city is constantly transforming as the sun rises and falls… how the colors within the city play with one another and compliment each other. New Orleans has a funny way of making you fall in love with it, it’s so subtle, but before you’re gone you miss it, the people, the pink hair, the city life.

Which is why I love Lisa and Jonathan’s story, it started in New Orleans – as a lot of my favorite love stories do. Lisa was bartending in a pink wig during Mardi Gras and Jonathan ended up having a bit of last minute work he had to get done and so he happened upon the bar Lisa was working in – they got to chatting and the rest was history.

Jonathan finally figured out what Lisa looked like on their first date (while I have no doubt she looked like a total babe in her pink wig – Jonathan would attest to this)  and now they’re getting married in Miami in August. I could tell you about how goofy they are and how they sometimes think the same thoughts, but hopefully the photos below will tell an even better story.

The first part of our session was at the Columns Hotel and the latter half was at the always stunning Audubon Park.

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