Michelle and Nick’s Torrey Pines Engagement session was certainly one for the books.

Michelle and Mitch picked me up from the San Diego airport and after getting in their car, Michelle naturally asked how my flight was. I laughed and tried to describe the crying baby on the plane that sounded like the crying root that gets pulled in Harry Potter (without sounding like too much of a nerd). Michelle immediately responded with the proper name for the root which is Mandrake and I laughed in relief that a Harry Potter reference could be made aloud, signaling that I was officially amongst friends.
I really love how that set the tone for our day together. We shared a lot of laughs, flamingo poses (as pictured below), wine, and had really wonderful conversation. The day started off at the San Diego Zoo where Michelle and Mitchell have season passes (plus a guest – lucky me!), we explored their favorite exhibits as well as any misters we could find (the ones that give off water, not unsolicited commentary). After the zoo we decided to grab a bite to eat before we headed to Torrey Pines for sunset, where we shared rose over dinner and talked about their differences and similarities – some of my favorite things to learn about couples.

As it would seem opposites in temperament attract, as Michelle and Mitch did.

After dinner we made our way to Torrey Pines where we spent the rest of

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