This summer I did a mini-session call to experiment with new film in different lighting situations. I was primarily hoping to learn more about my film and my new F5 before taking it out in the wedding scene, but as life would have it I learned a lot more about myself and the hopeful new direction of my work.

The past two months have reiterated how much joy working one on one with other women brings. There’s something incredibly powerful and centering about documenting different women in different walks of life. From mothers to soon to be mothers to women traveling the world and making it their own…I’ve found that the idea of woman is ever evolving and changing as the needs and desires of modern day women are and I really love being able to document that.

Maybe it’s a sense of identity and familiarity.
An awareness of unity amongst diversity.

This session with Lilou and Julie warmed my heart for several reasons. But it’s sessions like this that remind me how important it is that these play dates are documented and cherished. Not out of vanity but of celebration for how much we loved one another and how much we choose to love one another.

All images shot on Fujifilm 400 | 800

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