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Whether you’re planning an intimate ceremony surrounded by your closest friends and family or an elegant celebration – extended cousins and all – the fact remains that the only tangible things you’ll have left at the end of one of the best days of your life is your boo and your photos.

These are the photos you will cherish for a lifetime, that your children and your children’s children will look through as they sit on your living room floor. These are the photos that you will frame, that you will hold, that will remind you of just how loved you are and will hopefully, in turn, remind you to share that love every day.


Starting Prices

Contact for an extensive Pricing PDF

Intimate Weddings

Because sometimes you decide that only the creme de la creme should be around...and that maybe your cousin twice removed who you met at Thanksgiving twelve years ago can remain that cousin you once met at Thanksgiving twelve years ago.

START AT $2,300

Wedding Coverage

8 Hours of wedding coverage a downloadable gallery for you to share all of your memories with your friends and family, and a print release to print to your heart's content.

STARTS AT $4,600

Couple Sessions

A day with your boo doing what you guys love most. Maybe paired with a couple of drinks and a pup or two. Imagine a hang out session but with awesome photos that you didn't realize were being taken.
No awkward stares at the camera or poses allowed.



• How long have you been making photos?

Going on ten years now :) I was 16 when I purchased my first SLR.

• What do you shoot with?

I shoot with two Nikon D850's (digital) a D750(digital) and a Nikon F5(Film) My lenses consist of a 50mm, 85mm, 24-70mm, 35mm, 60mm, and a 24-120mm

I also bring along a variety of film cameras, but I normally bring around my Minolta SLR because it has the right amount of grit that I like.

• What does your typical turn around of images look like?

For weddings, you can expect your images within 60 days from the event date.

For any other photo session, you can expect your images within 30 days from our shoot date.

• Do you travel?

I sure do and I enjoy it quite a bit.

For Louisiana I will travel up to a 60 mile radius without charge. Once the 60 miles has been exceeded the cost is $1/mile roundtrip.

For any events/weddings outside of Louisiana please get in touch for a quote as the price varies based on City/State/Country.

• What do you enjoy shooting most?

I've always been a big believer that love is in the little things... I really enjoy documenting all of the small moments that unfold throughout a wedding day. When families and friends come into the mix I really start to see how their love through a lifetime has made the couple who they are and helped develop how they love.

The little moments always seem to piece together the bigger picture.

Outside of weddings I really love working with other creatives - stylists, makeup artists and artists. I've found that through collaboration I've really grown so much in my medium and understanding of light, color and shapes. It also allows me to bring forth new techniques that I otherwise wouldn't develop.

• What should we wear to our session?

Always a favorite question of mine because your outfits are a really big part of the way your photos are going to look and feel.
Much like a painting photography also deals with color theory and complimenting an environment.

Don't worry, I won't treat your session like a full on fashion editorial shoot. :) But all of my client who book me do receive an engagement tip PDF where I go over a bit of outfit color theory and help you guys figure out which colors/clothing will best suit your environment.

• How do you approach weddings?

Most of my clients who get in touch with me mention that they love the unexpected moments that are caught between their loved ones.

These are the moments I value most as my approach stems from documenting the smaller moments that make up a big day.

I remain photojournalistic in my approach only guiding you into ideal lighting for moments like putting on your dress, first looks and bridal party portraits.

Throughout the day I will interact with your friends and family as I find that enabling relationships builds trust and allows for vulnerability.

I've found that being introduced to the important people has aided in how open and receptive people are to my camera.

• Would you mind keeping our photos offline?

Chances are you're here because of a photo you saw online that attracted you to my work. The ability to share my work is what allows me to attract clients who want those moments for themselves. By not being able to display a wedding I'm faced with a potential loss of revenue and because of this I do charge $3,400 to keep a gallery offline for a potential wedding that I was not able to book due to those images being locked up.

• How many photos will we get back?

For a full day of coverage you can expect up to 400 fully edited images (while I usually deliver 3X's that).

For an engagement session you can expect up to 80 fully edited images.

• Do you shoot with backup?

Always. I always bring my backup gear to weddings and I always back up your wedding images in camera and as soon as I get home.
At all times there are three copies of your wedding day images until you full gallery has been fully edited and delivered.

If you'd like to know more about my back up process don't hesitate to ask.