It’s not every day that a photographer you admire asks you to document their wedding, but when they do they usually get married somewhere rad like the Atlanta Alpaca Treehouse.

Ren and Ronnie are a special pair. They’re the kind of people you meet that you’re instantly drawn to because their chemistry is so contagious. The way they laugh together and compliment one another’s personalities sums up the essence of what I love about love. It’s tangible in the way that it travels from person to person and fills your heart with happiness.
This is how I felt after the first time I met them (which was at Seaworthy in New Orleans and lasted three hours – we were having a great time).

Their wedding was nothing short of everything I love.
They invited their closest friends and family from all over to celebrate with them at the Atlanta Alpaca Treehouse and people flew in from across the country to be present. I was fortunate enough to spend time with some of Ren and Ronnie’s close friends the night before the wedding drinking wine and eating fries all while learning about Ren’s previous marriage to Robert Pattinson (when you know you know). Their relationship came full circle on their wedding day. Seeing the way their friends came together to help in all the little and big ways, and how neither Ren nor Ronnie’s concerns were about decor or last-minute details, but rather excited to start their day together.

They laughed through all of their portraits, as two best friends would, and they had their closest friends share some of the most heartfelt and hilarious toasts I’ve heard. Ren graciously sat me at their head table, allowing me to document speeches and reactions in a way that I wasn’t able to before and for this, I am so grateful.

It’s such a privilege to document these moments, to be present for these memories.

Thank you, Ren and Ronnie, for being so wonderful.

Venue: Atlanta Alpaca Treehouse
Coordination & Florals: Harts and Petals
Catering: Sun in My Belly

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