Sarah and Ethan’s French Quarter Wedding Chapel Elopement was everything I hoped it would be and more.
We shot digital on their wedding day, but I love that the day can also be summed up in the smaller moments caught on film while still telling a story with just as much, if not more, feeling.

The day started at Sarah and Ethan’s sweet little home, where I walked in on Ethan playing the piano in the living room as Sarah finished getting ready in the back. Ethan surprised Sarah with a song she’s been asking him to learn since they started dating, which was pretty dang cute, as I do firmly believe that love is in the little things….the thoughtful things that we do.

We then headed to the French Quarter Wedding Chapel, and after the two said I do we grabbed a cocktail at Muriel’s (so Sarah could see the Seance room), then we made our way to Tableau for Oysters (because it’s 100% ok to do whatever you want on your wedding day).


Sarah has been a friend of mine for a little over a year now, helping out with editorial shoots by doing make-up and bringing her hilarious, contagious, and unapologetic energy to shoots. My favorite thing about her is how honest she is, and how fully herself she has been since the first day I met her. I felt incredibly lucky to be the photographer she asked to document her day, as I know she works with so many.
However, shoot after shoot, I’m further understanding these days are great for all sides because we’ve built a connection, and that sense of understanding another is so important on days like these.
I feel so grateful to have such strong, empowering, and incredible women in my life.

Sarah and Ethan are moving to New York in June where they’ll start anew, but I have no doubt they’ll find success and joy wherever they go.

Thanks for trusting me you guys and for being such great champagne drinking companions.

Shot on Tri-X 400 35mm

Sarah stands next to Ethan as he surprises her with a song he learned for her on the piano.Sarah and Ethan say, "I do", to one another in the French Quarter Wedding Chapel.Sarah and Ethan pose at the front of the French Quarter Wedding Chapel after eloping in New Orleans.

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