This past year I’ve been reflecting on how lucky I’ve been to work with the couples that I’ve been able to work with.

I’m not sure if it’s because I have really awesome friends who refer their really awesome friends to me or if life is just like, hey, everyone is actually pretty awesome and sometimes it just takes a bit of love to see that – but either way Kimia and Zach were one of those couples that made me question how on earth I became so fortunate to document their love for a living..I mean, Kimia called her and Zach’s relationship a belay-tionship – how could you not love her?

The first time I met Kimia and Zach was for coffee at Johnston Street Java before we headed out to Lake Martin for their engagement session, it was clear they loved being outdoors and didn’t mind exploring…as they had no complaints to sitting on the porch of an abandoned home in the middle of the woods or potentially running into spider webs (which actually did terrify me a little bit). The entire session was full of laughter and sweet moments of warmth and familiarity – it didn’t take me long at all to realize just how perfect of a balance Kimia and Zach are to one another.

Towards the end of their session Kimia was driving along the road to our last destination and Zach was singing and playing the guitar in the backseat and it felt nostalgic, like we had been down this road before, together.

A few months later, on the day of their wedding, I arrived to Rip Van Winkle an hour early to take a walk around the gardens as I had never been before. What I pulled up to was stunning, acres of land covered in greenery, the entire road lined by tree after tree. I immediately felt overwhelmed and full of excitement, I couldn’t believe that this location was a real place that people could get married at.

Light poured in from everywhere, but in the softest way. There were walls glowing that the sun caressed and bounced off of, peacocks that sounded like cats (which was sometimes a bit strange), fields of wild flowers and possibly the nicest spring breeze.

It was a perfect day.


Benny and The Jets – Elton John

Cake: Crystal Weddings – Lafayette
Caterers: Chef Bobby and Jo


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