I never really know how to talk about moments that are greater than words. How to transcribe the meaning I felt from a day and plaster it at the top of a page in hopes that others will feel how I feel. Because chances are you might feel something different from these photos and that’s ok.

There’s something I would like to talk about here…about how Lydia and Brian welcomed me as a friend the day of their wedding. How Lydia greeted me with a hug, introduced me to everyone and how Lydia’s father consistently made sure I was well fed. While this certainly wasn’t my wedding day or my photoshoot I was still a human to Lydia and her family, I was still treated as a friend and not just another vendor and I really think that says so much about who Lydia and Brian are as well as the people they surround themselves with.

A major focus of the day was to document Lydia’s mother as much as possible. She made it so easy to be present and feel welcome, she was so beautiful and so loved by her husband and three daughters. I always learn so much more about the people I work with when I meet their families and friends – the people who sculpted so much of who they are.
Love does that, it’s so much more contagious than we think or would like to admit…but it’s everywhere on a day like this. It’s in your mom watching your dads reaction when he sees you for the first time, when she helps you put on your dress or bracelet, when your sisters look through an old album filled with fond memories or when you and your best friends are laughing together.

By the end of the evening Lydia’s mother and father made their own exit, kissing and grabbing each others faces. The now was more present than it had ever been before. These moments seemed of the utmost importance, because they are.

Lydia’s stunning dress was from BHLDN and her florals were created by the talented Kim, owner of A Wise Bride (one of my favorite bouquets to date), and her make up and hair were by Patty Toledo at The Parlour Nola.

Lydia and Brian’s ceremony took place at the Holy Name of Jesus Church which immediately became a favorite of mine. After the ceremony everyone departed for the Elms Mansion where they walked straight into a second line and into their first dance where Nola Dukes Band played in the background. And as though the bakery gods descended upon us, Debbie Does Doberge (also at Bakery Bar), was the creator behind their absolutely delicious cakes.

“Me at the Museum, You in the Wintergardens” – Tiny Ruins

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