Michelle and Nick had the dreamiest Terrell House Wedding and I couldn’t imagine a more perfect space for two people who love architecture and the history of New Orleans. As soon as I walked into the Terrell House there was a feeling of calmness. Michelle was in the main room, finishing up her hair and makeup with the brightest smile on her face as she looked in the mirror thrilled with the outcome. She gave both her hair and makeup artist a huge hug, which I was soon to learn was completely on par with Michelle’s warm personality.

As the day unfolded there was a consistent theme of intention that followed each interaction. Between Michelle’s first look with her father, her reading a letter from Nick, and her bridesmaids seeing her for the first time there was clearly so much love present. Throughout the day, Michelle’s mother, Lisa, kept inquiring if I needed anything, if I had eaten, how I was doing and gradually one of my favorite ideas of love became solidified – that love begins at home, with the people who show you what love is. Every single person at Michelle and Nick’s wedding was warm, kind, and such a joy to be around and celebrate with, only further emphasizing how wonderful of a family this was.

And while I can continue on to elaborate over each of my favorite moments, I do think that the photos below document so much more than I can verbally express. The little moments of love shared between people is what pulls at my heartstrings. The little things that say I love you can really be seen throughout this union and I feel incredibly lucky to have been witness to so much love.

Venue + Caterer: Terrell House
Band: Phat Hat Band

Michelle puts her veil on in the guest room of the Terrell House. Michelle poses for a photo fully dressed in her wedding dress in the guest room at the Terrell House. Michelle shares a first look with her father at the Terrell House. Bridal Portraits at the Terrell House make for the most perfect backdrop. The bride dances in the streets of New Orleans for a Second Line following her Terrell House Wedding.Michelle and Nick parade through the streets during their second line after their Terrell House Wedding.Michelle and Nick steal a kiss as the second line ends at their terrell house wedding.Michelle and her grandfather share a special moment after her ceremony at the Terrell House.Michelle and Nick celebrate with a flower toss on the dance floor to end their Terrell House Wedding.

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